What items will we add?

The old, seventeenth-century cabinets were filled with preserved animals, horns, tusks, skeletons, minerals, and other interesting human-made objects: ancient sculptures, miniatures; clockwork automata; ethnographic specimens from exotic locations.

We will add our flair to Collectioseum, including curated content of all things wondrous. Everyday things may have their place in our cabinet if they are unusual enough to evoke a sense of wonder.


  • Minerals of all sorts.
  • Bones and skeletons from the natural world.
  • Taxidermied animals, including entomological species.
  • Deformed or unusual natural objects.
  • Portraits of famous collectors, scholars, and scientists.
  • Objects of cultural importance, mainly old, but we may include the odd modern pice.
  • Shells and other malacological items.
  • Preserved plants, including smaller herbariums.
  • Oddities in general. Strange or peculiar things have a prominent place in any curiosity cabinet.