Please take note of the fact that this website is under construction. More collecting areas and more information about our exhibitions will be added shortly. Check back soon again to follow our progress. Thank you for your patience.

Collectioseum is the national museum of Unixploria. It is the combined result of a curator’s passion for collecting and a nation’s quest to explore and collect its heritage. Collectioseum’s primary mission is just that; to preserve Unixplorian culture and nature for prosperity.

Our mission includes researching the historical and contemporary threads that bind artifacts with context.

We are a museum of wonders.

The Collections

Collectioseum has objects from near and far, the man-made and the natural side by side. The collections are a fantastic display of human curiosity distilled in material form. ​

The collections are grouped thematically, and the individual objects are different but share common threads in context.

Culture and Nature

Our collections are divided into two main halls, areas or departments if you like. The Cultural Collections consist of cultural objects, e.g. coins and bottles. The Natural Collections are what they sound like, natural objects, found in nature, like shells, insects, and bones.

Hall of Culture

Hall of Nature